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Right now I use different Cloud IDEs to see how they are. And on this site I will introduce them to you.


OpenShift is owned by Red Hat. It has online public PaaS for free. The free plan offers you 3 small gears. You can set up to 3 web applications which go to idle state after 24h. My Ghost blog is hosted on it.

A nice feature is you can create alias for an app. It is basically a named vhost. My DNS record blog.hoangkim.tk is pointing to it.


Koding is another nice Cloud IDE. The free plan gave me one VM on which you can try different apps at the same time. The idle time is rather short, about 15’. Under enviromments you can create domain stacks and connect them to your VM. It is the same as alias or named vhost. My kd.hoangkim.tk is pointing to one of the VM.


I tried out Nitrous because of an online course about WebApp on Coursera. Somebody there was struggling with Rails installing. The best option is to do it online if their OS can’t handle it. At that time I forgot that I already had two others (or more). Sadly you can’t create named vhost so I just link my VM here for testing purposes.

Static Web Hosting

At this point I want to mention another options of hosting. This website is hosted on GitHub using jekyll. Recent time static web pages or SPA become popular. The dynamic is archieved through JavaScript. On GitHub, for example, you can create files and edit them. Or manage them on local computer, git-style-ish. One named vhost with CNAME file in root directory is possible.

Dropbox and GDrive give you the possibility to host static websites, but no vhost. But there are options.